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The Lonbox™ Series control modules is a series of LonWorks® based product, all containing a number of standard features such as

  • LonWorks network connection for LonMark TP/FT-10 network
  • Additional network connection for service available through mini-jack on front of module.
  • Power supply can be either AC or DC, power indicator on front of module.
  • Service switch and indicator available on front of module. 
  • Products are made in accordance with the latest LonMark interoperability guidelines.
  • LNS Configuration available via LonMaker for Windows and other managment tools.

Building automation modules for HVAC, light and sunblind control. The intelligent building is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it not only gives the daily user an increased comfort, but also enables energy saving by controlling the usage of energy in an intelligent way. The intelligent building also gives the user of the building peace of mind and the feeling of security, due to automatic light in neighbour areas.

Lonbox® Series PID4000 is a novel data logger that offers a wealth of data handling features - as well as monitoring and warning. The Lonbox® Series PID4000 allows businesses and public-sector organizations to automatically log and monitor up to 200 data types imultaneously.

PID4000 efficiently logs a wide range of different consumption data such as gas, power, water and oil. And it can record temperatures, on/off time, deviation from pre-set threshold values, etc. Benefits PID4000 effectively ensures that production and process plants perform as required, and that environmental and safety standards are met. PID4000 will also monitor a wide range of functions that typically require manual surveillance around the clock. The immediate benefit is substantial savings on manpower and administrative systems. PID4000 is the obvious choice of data logger - for any kind of production company and publicsector
organization. A vast number of public institutions with monitoring and surveillance needs will also benefit.

Automatic Alarms and Reports:
When logged data exceed defined threshold values, PID4000 automatically warns guards or security centrals as required. The duty officer may receive an email or SMS informing about the deviation. This enables fast and costeffective remedial action - whether it is a matter of leaking pipes in a residential block, a temperature rise in a supermarket cold storage, or a harmful change of air humidity in the production section of a pharmaceuticals firm.

3 Read-Out Options:
Logged data can be made available on a permanently connected network PC, a portable computer that is connected ad hoc, or via GSM, ISDN or a standard modem anywhere in the world. Data are directly readable in any new Office system in the XML format.

Interval logging of network variable values (200 channels). Presentation of logged data in XML files using HTTP protocol and CGI parameters to query for specific data. Configuration of data logger using the embedded Web server. Monitoring of collected data for exceeding threshold values. Monitoring alarms by email or SMS.

PID4000 also features a serial RS232 connection running the standard PPP protocol. This enables dial-in to an integrated Remote Access Server. The data logger enables dial-out to an ISP, delivering emails to report alarm conditions. These connections can be made by means of standard PSTN/ISDN/GSM/GPRS modems. Optionally, PID4000 comes with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem.

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