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Prolon Control Systems was founded in 1996 as a Danish research & development company specialized in services and customized products based upon the fast-growing industrial standard for local operating networks, LonWorks® (registered trademark of Echelon, USA). Today our technology has spred to include other standardized protocols like BACnet, modbus and OPC.

The activities of the company primarily fall within the Building Automation industry and related business.

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Prolon has the vision to be among the leading European developers and suppliers of building automation equipment based on standardized protocols. Our product range is targeting the building automation technology market and energy registration. The products are using the latest technologies to save energy and increase the comfort, security and control of buildings. 

Prolon Control Systems want to contribute with technologies reducing the cost of energy and maintenance as well as a improved environment. 

Prolon takes care of all design, development and manufacturing of LonWorks® based applications and hardware units for the projects.

Consultancy for partners and customers are also a part of our business activities. 



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